We unite
Climate partners &
Project developers

In our mission to create sustainable development and achieve a positive impact on climate, we invite and unite all global partners and tree project developers in the Global Climate Registry, co2.com

We unite Climate partners & Project developers

Verified Tree Carbon Projects

The Global Climate Registry is a trusted and secure platform for issuing, tracking and retiring Verified Tree Carbon units (VTC units).The Global Climate Registry allows project developers to initiate the project registration process, upload documents and request issuance of VTC units through our online portal. We register tree projects of different standards as VTC, Gold, VCS, REDD, VIVO etc.

Once the projects are issued, they can be transferred immediately to any other Account Holder in the
Global Climate Registry.

What are VTC units 

Each Verified Tree Carbon Unit (VTC units) represents one ton of emission reductions from a specific tree planting project that has been validated and verified according to the VTC Standard rules.

When corporations, governments and individuals buy and retire VTC units, they are able to voluntarily offset their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from activities such as transportation and building heating and cooling demands.

For more information on how to calculate a GHG footprint and reduce and/or offset emission please see the website for the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Our Roots

We are a group of independent personalities from around the world who have worked with traditional carbon credit projects. This experience and knowledge lead us to the destination of today`s climate registry; the global platform of verified tree carbon projects. We strive to create the ultimate carbon registry and unite project developers and climate caring people who want to plant trees worldwide – all in the favor of our common mission:

Sustainable development and a positive impact on climate

VTC Unit

A verified tree carbon standard unit.

Tree project platform

We are making all kind of Forestry projects visible, We verify and locate these projects and register them to publish the effect to the whole world.

Planting a future

We unite climate friendly people in the mission of a sustainable future


Why Trees

Advantages of planting trees in reducing global warming

1.     An average size tree creates sufficient oxygen in one year to provide oxygen for a family of four.

2.     Planting trees for the environment is good as they are renewable, biodegradable and recyclable.

3.     If we plant 20 million trees, the earth will get with 260 million more tons of oxygen.

4.     During photosynthesis, trees and other plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen.

5.     Trees keep in cheek the air and water pollution.

6.     Why planting trees is important is evident as they are the natural habitat of the animals and birds, as well as many  endangered species.

7.     Planting trees means more wood and paper products which can be easily recycled.

8.     A newly planted whole forest can change tones of atmospheric carbon into wood and other fibrous tissue, thus reducing  global warming.

Why develop a Tree planting project?

Best prices
on the market

Fairness is our keyword. We guarantee the best prices for all participants: project developers as well as organizations, investors, companies or private people.

Higher integrity

The registry is transparent and public for all people, verifying the integrity of climate caring actions through tree planting projects worldwide

Streamlined certification process

High efficiency: a streamlined certification process of the VTC standard and the lowest administration costs on the market.

Build more

As a VTC standard provider we are committed to build demand for VTC projects and will work with you to do this.


We work closely with key persons around the globe to ensure we remain the highest standard for climate and development initiatives.


We continually work with our partners, to improve our skills and experience. We have an international mindset and act on this basis.

Make a Difference

You don’t have to wait for policy makers in order to make an impact on climate change or to support sustainable development. By supporting Planting Trees projects, you make a direct contribution to climate improvement.

Get Involved

Together we can achieve a positive impact and protect our climate. If we use trees as a solution to capture co2 and by that, reduce co2 emission, we secure the climate. Planting trees is an intelligent investment while we work on solutions of our present lifestyle choices that are affecting our climate for the worse.

Our Partners