Who we are

We are a standard and certification unit that works to make tree planting accessible for anyone and everyone. To do this, we design the strongest processes that expand the impact of efforts to deliver engagement with reforestation, and transform and improve the lives of the world’s poor.

What we do

We make all kinds of tree and forestry projects visible, such as: planting trees or replanting trees in a former forest area or entirely new afforestation.

We verify and locate these projects and register them to publish the impact to the entire world.

All participants; Developers, buyers, organizations and investors, etc., are united in the climate registry with accessible project data made public on co2.com

What we Like

We want to give visibility and easy understanding of what importance trees have regarding the climate and their measurable individual Co2 storage.

Healthy forests and tree planting projects help absorb greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions that are caused by our human civilization and contribute to global climate change. Without trees, more carbon and greenhouse gasses enter the atmosphere. Trees are important for the water cycle, keeping the water in their roots and releases it into the atmosphere. Trees give us fresh air. They give life to plants and animals. In other words, Trees are necessary for our planet’s survival and our children’s inheritance.

What we aim for

Today more trees are being cut down than there are trees being planted.

Removal of trees causes global climate change.

We want to change this fact that by contributing to an easy and professional access for climate aware people to meet. With our registry we aim to make the best global platform for project developers, investors, contributors and buyers. With co2.com carbon registry we welcome all participants who love trees and see them as an answer for the solution for today’s climate change. Just like we do.