The Climate Action Portfolio

Maximize impact,
beyond offsets.

CO2 builds diversified, high-impact climate action portfolios. We find the best climate projects out there, vet them from every angle, and curate them into portfolios.

The planet needs more than cheap offsets.

Every company has a choice:
Fix the planet, or be part of the problem.

Every company needs to cut their own emissions as a priority.

Beyond that, we need to get behind climate projects that

help the world get to net zero, nature positive.

Status Quo

Quick, cheap, and risky

You could rush to net zero using low-cost carbon offsets.

Offsets have quality issues.
Study after study has found that most offsets do not reduce emissions.

Greenwashing doesn't help our planet or your business.


The CO2 Difference

Real climate action

The better approach is to focus on quality and impact.

Real impact goes beyond offsetting.
Science clearly tells us we need a portfolio of diverse solutions.

Maximize your climate impact and be a true climate leader.

The execution is tough,
so we make it easy for you.

CO2 by TIMEboat

How do you move beyond offsetting and build a diverse portfolio of climate action projects that deliver verifiable and broad impact?

To do this right, you need to align to the latest science, do the research, vet and curate the thousands of projects out there, deal with all the legal paperwork, communicate to your stakeholders, and more.

That's where we come in.
Think of CO2 as the extension of your team that delivers that portfolio. Your team of climate scientists, project researchers, data nerds, technologists, and communications experts.

CO2 enables every company to go beyond offsetting.

We use science-based approaches to build climate action portfolios. We don't just solve for carbon; we also maximize nature and community impact. This means evaluating hundreds of projects on their contribution to carbon, biodiversity, and human well-being and then measuring and monitoring the impact of each project in the portfolio.

ChecklistOur 7-step assurance process:

  1. Supplier RFPs

  2. Technical review

  3. Independent verification

  4. Risk adjustments

  5. Detailed MSA

  6. Ongoing monitoring

  7. Transparent performance reporting

Verified high-quality projects

Too many projects overestimate their impact. We carefully source our projects.

Even the best projects aren't without risk, so we carefully negotiate strong contracts with each supplier, diversify the portfolio to spread risk, and monitor each project for ongoing performance.

We have evolved a rigorous, 7-step process to conduct the necessary levels of due diligence to find projects for our portfolios.

Maximum climate impact

No one solution will solve climate change. The most effective portfolios blend carbon, nature, and community impact.

Our Planet Portfolio is curated by climate scientists to include the broadest set of best-in-class climate solutions. We measure and report impact to you in a detailed climate action scorecard that shows multiple metrics for carbon impact, as well as nature and community-related SDGs.

Who we are

A complete business, technology, and climate team.

We bring together everything you need to have a world-class climate action portfolio. We've built the ultimate expert team at CO2 from World Economic Forum, Conservation International, The World Bank, Salesforce, Twitter, Amazon, Yelp, and TIME.

Scientific network and partnerships

We work closely with many of the most trusted scientific and market leaders to ensure we are at the leading edge of science and regulatory needs.

Access to high-quality projects

We've built relationships of trust with many suppliers and project developers, enabling us to source hard-to-find, high-quality supply.

Business can be an incredible platform for accelerating climate action. As business leaders, we will be judged by the quality and impact of the actions we take today.

CO2 delivers on the trust businesses want, and the impact and quality the planet needs.โ€

Marc Benioff

Chair of CO2, Co-Chair of TIME, Chair and Co-CEO of Salesforce

What's included:

Summary Report

My CO2 Impact Summary

Summary of the overall projected impact of the portfolio


My CO2 Performance Report

Regularly updated results against the projected impact


Your page on

Consolidated reporting, communication tools, and insights

Confident climate claim

We want you to be a confident voice for climate action.

Your leadership should inspire others. Your CO2 purchase comes with multiple tools to understand and communicate your climate impact.

We believe businesses of all sizes have an essential role to play in addressing climate. Those who do will not only set the stage for a sustainable future but also accelerate their own success.

We're here to serve those trailblazers.